Is ddr3 slot compatible with ddr2

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DDR2 stands for double data rate 2 while DDR3 is the third generation of DDR RAMs which has got many advantages than its predecessor DDR2.Purchasing a RAM which is DDR2 or DDR3 doesn’t matter what is your preference in that case. The main thing is they are not compatible with each other. Can I use DDR2 and DDR3 RAM together? - TechSpot Forums I currently have 3Gb of DDR2 memory, in 2 slots (1x 1GB, 1x 2GB) - however i wanted to increase this to 4GB or even 6GB. Basically i was wondering if the following factors would affect my choice: 1-Is there a limit of how much RAM i can have in my motherboard? Difference Between DDR2 and DDR3 - What is DDR2? DDR2 SDRAM stands for double data rate type two synchronous dynamic random access memory. It is the second member in the DDR family. However, DDR2 RAM is not backward compatible with DDR. That means you need two types of motherboards for DDR and DDR2 RAMs. SOLVED: Which memory card is it ddr3 or ddr2 ddr - Fixya Ddr3 or ddr2 ddr are all ram modules and there are many types of memory modules. if you're not sure if a module is right for your system, use the Crucial Memory Advisor tool for a list of guaranteed compatible modules. first you will need to select the manufacturer from a drop down list then select... ddr2 ddr3 compatibility

What's the Difference Between DDR2 and DDR3? |… DDR3 is not backwards compatible with DDR2. While both types of modules have similar numbers of pins, the notches in the PCB are in different locations.The DDR3 decrease in voltage results in less power consumption and greater energy-efficiency at comparable speeds. DDR3 is faster. Is DDR3 backwards compatible with DDR2 - CPUs... - Linus Tech…

I thought 240 pin plugged it to each other. Just got my new motherboard and I can't use my old 240 pin RAM modules. The only difference that I can see is the old MOBO is ddr2 and the new one is ddr3.

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What is DDR RAM? (with pictures) Computer users should check their motherboard manual to see what RAM type is compatible with ... in ddr slot 2 . Thanks to everyone ... is DDR or DDR2. sad ... DDR SDRAM - Wikipedia None of its successors are forward or backward compatible with DDR1 SDRAM, meaning DDR2, ... 4 DDR slots. Corsair DDR-400 ... A test with DDR and DDR2 RAM ... RAM Question - Is DDR3 RAM compatible with DDR2 RAM slots ... no you cannot add the ddr3 in ddr2 slots. ddr2 are still faster than ddr2 in term of timings. but ddr3 are faster in clock speeds. its best to get ddr2 for ... is ddr3 compatible with ddr2